Welp, it’s true. I’m obsessed with Yoga. For 2 hours a day, six days out of the week I make sure Yoga is included somewhere in my daily routine. Why would I make it a point to include this unorthodox practice in my everyday life? There are a few different factors of health and wellness that must all receive attention to truly be fully healthy. These include physicality, mental, health and emotional stability. Yoga is an encompassing workout that benefits me physically, emotionally, and mentally. It covers many of my health factors with one simple regiment, Without yoga, I would have to find several other practices to balance my health or risk neglecting important health factors.

Yoga and PCI?

Yoga in Vendi Sanskrit means “to add”, “to join“, and “to unite.” Proactive PCI compliance for businesses is a lot like Yoga in that is intended to be an encompassing platform that unites all the aspects of business together for the sake of elevated data security. We at Protocol believe that in order for your business to be optimally well, you have to be proactive in your data security strategy, just as we need to be proactive in regards to our health and wellness. That is why we built NEXUS.

protocol NEXUS dashboard

Protocol's Software Solution

Nexus was built with the objective of providing a comprehensive framework scalable for organizations of all sizes to help them effectively organize, manage and measure all organizational PCI compliance tasks and initiatives. The result is a process for sustainable annual PCI compliance validation that is implemented within the regular business as usual protocols.

As data breaches continue to increase each year, threats of legal action and government oversight make it imperative that organizations take a proactive risk-based approach to their compliance validation and beyond. A primary focus of NEXUS is in the establishment of evidence of compliance through the NEXUS secure repository. In other words, NEXUS helps you see your complete compliance picture so that you know with certainty your business is genuinely PCI compliant.

PCI compliance is not just an IT responsibility. To entirely be compliant, companies must utilize their accounting department, human resource department to name a couple. It is something that should bring everyone in the company together with a common goal that will benefit all the working departments by a single means.

May Rice is CMO at Protocol, a data security organization dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes increase information security awareness and risk management through education and efficiencies around PCI DSS and other compliance initiatives.