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How Can Nexus Help You?

NEXUS delivers innovative experiences in data security, focused on clarity, driven by efficiency.


With PCI DSS requirements now passing a decade since inception, many organizations continue to rely on the same standard SAQ documents and formats developed over a decade ago for annual PCI compliance validation. These redundant compliance formats and solutions continue to leave merchants dependent on unsecure spreadsheets or disjointed security point solutions to manage compliance initiatives and tasks.

Using the wrong tools to get the job done results in unnecessary time and resource expenditure, duplication of work, business risks, costs and a false sense of security. It’s no wonder so many organizations continue to fall victim to data security breaches even while PCI compliance validation rates continue to increase.

Check-Box vs. Sustainable Compliance

While compliance management solutions today continue offering the same "check-box" focused compliance solution repackaged, Protocol Nexus is different. Nexus is built with the objective of providing an innovative framework for organizations of all sizes to efficiently organize, manage and measure all organizational PCI compliance tasks and initiatives. The result is a process for sustainable annual PCI compliance validation that is implemented within regular business as usual protocols.

Single, Secure Repository

As data breaches continue to increase each year, threats of legal action and government oversight make it imperative that organizations take a proactive risk-based approach to their compliance validation and beyond. A primary focus of Nexus is in the establishment of evidence of compliance through the Nexus secure repository. No more silos of information with organizational teams, vendors and clients. All documentation and evidence for all involved in your compliance initiatives at your fingertips. Nexus helps you see your complete compliance picture so that you know with certainty that you are truly PCI compliant.

And that is just the beginning…